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Dynamic Airtime Advance

The leading Airtime Advance solution

Successful customer engagement is key for any business. For prepaid subscribers, being able to stay connected to continue making calls or using data services when they are running low on balance, can make all the difference. Experian’s Dynamic Airtime Advance solution has been designed with this in mind, to help you safely extend airtime advances to prepaid subscribers when they need it most.

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Effortlessly migrate high-value, low-risk prepaid subscribers to a postpaid contract

Dynamic Airtime Advance is an innovative solution that allows eligible prepaid subscribers to stay connected and continue using data or making calls when they run out of balance. Should a prepaid subscriber run out of balance, a credit profile is created and a customised offer is sent instantly via the best channel such as a mobile application, SMS, USSD or IVR. If accepted, airtime is credited to the subscriber who can seamlessly continue to use the service. The advance is then recovered the next time the customer tops up.

In contrast to traditional SOS or emergency airtime services, the Experian solution leverages our advanced analytics and credit risk management platform to calculate the best offer for each customer in real time. We balance credit risk, top up behaviour, airtime and data usage and response rates to offer the most suitable advance amount and pricing, leading to optimal adoption rates while minimising credit risk.

As the customers’ balance rarely runs out, improved customer engagement leads to churn reduction and higher ARPU. Our clients have experienced up to 40% churn reduction from facilitating an ‘always-on’ service while increasing ARPU up to 1.5 times. By the same token, Experian’s Dynamic Airtime Advance solution allows MNOs to add new revenue streams from convenience fees, lifting revenue typically between one to three per cent.

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Improve customer engagement
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Add a new revenue stream from convenience fees
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Increase ARPU through an ‘always-on service’
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Reduce churn as zero-balance moments disappear
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Case Studies

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Leading Mobile Operator in Thailand

Experian has worked with one of Thailand’s leading mobile operators to better engage their subscriber base of over 25 million customers. Through offering airtime advances dynamically, the operator saw increased monthly advances, higher usage hours and an uplift in average revenue per user (ARPU).

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Mobifone Vietnam

Experian’s Dynamic Airtime Advance solution was launched by Mobifone, a leading mobile network operator in Vietnam, in the first quarter of 2014. To date, over 100 million offers have been accepted by subscribers and the timely and intelligent emergency top-up service has increased Mobifone’s revenue by avoiding usage gaps.

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