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Credit risk management, is all about making confident, responsible credit decisions that benefit everyone

Is a customer who they claim to be? Can they afford the credit they’re asking for? Do they qualify for a service we provide? Are they about to leave us for a competitor?

Businesses need to answer questions like these thousands of times a day. You need to make decisions fairly and respond quickly. And to do that, you need a clear, complete picture of each individual customer. That is where we come in.

We provide you with data and credit risk insights to help you better understand your customers, automate complex decisions, improve customer experience and stay compliant, while helping you plan for and manage business and market changes.

Individual Searches

Individual Searches provides an overview of the information available on the individual from public and proprietry sourceshelping you determine credibility to make quick, informed decisions about who you do want to do business with. It provides “quick glimpse” views and comprehensive details related to payment performance, public record history and background information so you can quickly and precisely determine creditworthiness. Key data include:

  • Personal Profile Information
  • Property searches
  • Detailed Individual KYC/AML Check
  • Litigation trace.

Credit Report Service

Credit Reports provide greater insight on the individual’s credibility and financial strengths.

Experian’s credit report services provide an alternative payment history from our Non-Bank Credit Bureau to help evaluate and assess financial health and payment credibility.

Litigation Information

Litigation information can be a useful resource to assist you with undertaking the necessary due diligence required when entering a new business venture, onboarding of new clients or reviewing the history of another party you have a relationship with. Access at least 10 years of litigation trace against individuals or businesses with latest statuses and accompanying case numbers. Searches return timely results with data to include insolvency, bankruptcy, writs of seizures or sales can help you better understand the business and legal profile of your customer to make credit and policy decisions.


Access business and consumer information through QuestNet – our one-stop information portal. Get more insights to drive business decisions with indicators such as credit ratings, credit reports and monitoring options.

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