Alternative Consumer Grade

Shine a light on new consumers, deepen insights on consumers on file

Gain a more complete view of credit behavior with alternative credit data.

View new, alternative credit data sources to obtain a complete view of financial behavior for consumers. Derived from non-bank data, the Alternative Consumer Grade provides businesses with an indicator of consumers’ probability of payment delays to help businesses with credit risk decisioning.

The Alternative Consumer Grade is an aggregated index of the negative information from the bureau and the Alternative Consumer Score, our most predictive score to date. It gives businesses a willingness to pay measure and the probability of a customer delaying payments.

With alternative data sources, we provide you with a decision tool aimed at increasing operational efficiencies during decision policy application throughout the customer lifecycle.

How Experian can help

  • Low credit score

    A credit risk indicator of consumers’ probability to delay payments with the option of adding on detailed reports of Adverse Conditions and Alternative Consumer Score

  • Insights to help with risk evaluations and decisioning to better target or manage customers

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