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SME Network Score

Predicting likelihood of late or delayed payments to help make better business decisions

Making business decisions – like loans or approvals – can be challenging especially on companies with limited credit history.

Our SME Network Score is a credit risk scorecard developed to address the issue of the lack of rating models for thin file companies. Predicting the likelihood of delaying payments beyond 60 days past due, it is the best measure of willingness to pay in Singapore. The Experian SME Network Score combines traditional data and analytics with non-traditional data and machine learning methodologies for increased predictive power and coverage.

Through network analysis, we are able to cover about 75% of all registered companies in Singapore. The network analysis maps out the entire ecosystem of related companies through trade and B2B payments, loan payments, company ownership and directorship. These variables are then layered against a wide range of non-financial statement data points to further develop the score, allowing us to supplement data and performance of companies relative to the network. In addition to the increased coverage, the score has high predictive power that is validated across multiple industries.

Experian SME Network Score considers the following business information and more

Payments and transactions
Money in hand
Search and enquiries data
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Network characteristics and payment performance
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How Experian can help

  • Bulb with AI

    High predictive power helps determine default probability and delayed payments through advanced analytics

  • Money in hand

    Lend more responsibly, fairly and quickly

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    Reduce default payment and collection effort by offering the most appropriate credit, product and payment terms to customers


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