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Experian Bureau The world’s largest credit bureau operator

Ensuring creditors have access to the information they need to make lending decisions.

A Credit Bureau is a critical part of the financial infrastructure of any country. It provides rapid access to accurate and reliable standardised information on potential borrowers, enabling lenders to evaluate credit risk more accurately and to reduce lending processing time and costs. This in turn promotes profitability and increased credit activity.

Experian Credit Bureaux in Singapore allow our customers access to credit data from hundreds of businesses and individuals from local and international sources, to make the most informed decision throughout the customer life cycle. Members secure access to data to make informed decisions throughout the customer life cycle.

Whether you require data to generate leads, acquire customers, monitor your portfolio or make debt collection easier, our Bureaux form the backbone for our innovative services and platforms.


Experian Non-Bank Bureau

Largest non-bank credit and business information bureau in Singapore aggregating and enhancing data from multiple sources for more robust decision making.

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Integrated Credit Solutions

With over 10 years of experience and collaboration among non-bank members to manage credit risk through sharing of credit information, Integrated Credit Solution (ICS) is a combination of robust credit information and quality management tools enabling companies to better manage credit risk, gain valuable insights and make informed decisions.

It contains millions of payment records across all industries, providing a study of companies & individual payment behaviours.
With the largest corporate and individual payment records in our database, we empower you with insight and intelligence to better facilitate decision-making for your client management needs.

Portfolio Monitoring

Function facilitates alerts on any adverse payment behaviour or blacklisting with other creditors

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Grades & Scores

An effective indicator of a potential entity or individual’s credit worthiness.

Low credit score


Cash Flow Reporting that provides insight into realistic projections.

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ICS Member Stamp

Encourage customers to pay you first ahead of other creditors.

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Negative Listing

An alternative tool for collections, listing late stage recovery customers to encourage payment.



Access business and consumer information through QuestNet – our one-stop information portal. Get more insights to drive business decisions with indicators such as credit ratings, credit reports and monitoring options.

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How Experian can help

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    Increase new business profitability

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    Improve customer profitability

  • Reduce debt

    Reduce bad debt

  • Global Network

    Encourage data sharing within and across industry

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    Encourage responsible use of credit

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    Implement global best practices


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