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The appetite for businesses incorporating Big Data is growing significantly as the data universe continues to expand at an astronomical rate. In fact, according to a recent Accenture study, 79% of enterprise executives agree that companies that do not embrace big data will lose their competitive position and could face extinction. Especially for financial institutions who capture and consume incredible amounts of data, the challenge now becomes making sense of all this data. How can banks, credit unions, and other lenders use data to innovate?

The resources required for a typical analytics project is vast. Time, money and talent are all key factors in garnering maximum value from all the big data the digital economy produces. The ability to make sense of this data, to intelligently has become a core business need. Add to this the ever-increasing technical demands of understanding ever-more complex data and the need for a solution that grows with the company and adapts to the times is key.

But what if you could increase the quality and quantity whilst keeping costs under control and access meaningful insight in seconds?

Experian Ascend

Experian Ascend is a powerful and secure analytics platform that gives you access to Experian’s anonymised data and a range of alternative data sources, including your own, on demand. With Experian Ascend, analysts will gain access to a market-leading product that unlocks the power of data by creating an environment where data analysts can explore and experiment with internal and external data.


Experian Ascend can hold and process large amounts of data efficiently from many different data sources; big data (unstructured), transactional data (structured), web data, social media data, and other third-party data.

Who is Experian Ascend for?

Expand their risk appetite
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Benchmark against the market and competitors
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Grow their portfolio safely
People plus
Control and monitor risk
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Reduce unproductive costs
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Build, test and validate models quickly
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Identify new customer trends
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Identify new opportunities and markets
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How can Experian Ascend benefit your organization?

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    Infinite actionable insights at your fingertips

    Easily access to external data such as ACRA Business Profiles, Financials and Experian proprietary dataset to build predictive models for all kinds of micro and macro-level scenarios.

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    Use future focused “big data” modelling toolkits

    Data modelling tools are integrated as standard with Machine Learning plug-ins available as optional.

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    Flexible support

    Analytics consultancy and support comes as standard with all our licenses – we work in partnership with you to deliver valuable.

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    A hosted environment

    Means that we take all the hassle of data management away from you and your analytics teams to focus where it matters.

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    A secure analytics platform

    Our solutions come built-in with industry-leading security standards.

  • Reduce debt

    Scalable and Cost Effective

    Without having to invest in internal infrastructure, means fast, data-driven decisions with little to no disruption to normal business, fast onboarding and no overhead to maintain.

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Platform License

The Experian Ascend platform allows organisations to access Experian’s leading bureau and alternative data sources, to combine and extract insights to fit your business needs.


Insights On-Demand

Our on-demand delivery method allows organisations to easily access our leading analytics expertise and big data platform, to support your growth requirements such as market segmentation & sizing, industry insights and look-alive modeling.


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