Case Study: Leading Mobile Operator in Thailand

Experian has worked with one of Thailand’s leading mobile operators to better engage their subscriber base of over 25 million customers. Through offering airtime advances dynamically, the operator saw increased monthly advances, higher usage hours and an uplift in average revenue per user (ARPU).

Group Chief Commercial Officer

Leading Thai Mobile Operator

“Experian’s Dynamic Airtime Advance solution has shown strong month-on-month results – with an increase in service adoption rate and 34% increase in Days of Usage of Dynamic Airtime Advance subscribers while losses due to bad debt remain below 2.5% – exceeding expectations and validated the capabilities of the solution’s sophisticated risk management capabilities.

This partnership has proven Experian to be a strong partner in our ongoing efforts to increase our subscriber loyalty.”


With almost 80% of its subscriber base being prepaid, it was important for the Telco to offer a service that would ensure their subscribers can always remain connected anytime, anywhere. While the Telco had its own in-house service for emergency credit, there was a need to make the service bigger & better, and dynamic, customised to the need of each subscriber. Experian’s proven expertise in subscriber management and risk profiling, made Experian a preferred choice.


Experian’s Dynamic Airtime Advance offers the best possible user experience and limits credit risk, by dynamically offering the right top up amount to the right users at the right time. As a result, acceptance rates for airtime advances surge, as subscribers receive offers relevant to them. Our sophisticated analytics solution improves subscriber profiles over time, regularly analysing subscriber behaviour, to deliver best possible results at all times.


Through Experian’s Dynamic Airtime Advance, monthly airtime advance grew to over USD 8 million, with the average advance per transaction increasing by 15% since service launch. Airtime Advance losses were maintained below 2.5% and subscribers who used the service had a 26% higher ARPU, a 13% lower churn rate and 34% higher days of usage over other active subscribers of similar usage profile.