Advanced Analytics
& Modelling

From descriptive insights to prescriptive analytics, Experian helps
businesses make the best data-driven decisions

We help organisations build advanced analytics solutions and modeling capabilities

  • Off the shelf to custom analytics
    Off the shelf to custom analytics

    With numerous commercially available attribute sets, scores and models, businesses can choose where to focus. Build your own custom attributes and scores to extract deeper insights and yield maximum returns.

  • Technology

    Take advantage of the latest tools and capabilities to support business intelligence, analytics, model development and deployment.

  • Expertise

    With unmatched industry experience, we build proprietary advanced analytical solutions and support business strategy development. Additionally, we share deep insights with our clients.

How can we help

We’re leaders in analytics and machine learning (ML). Our team of data scientists and statistical consultants helps organisations transition from traditional methods to advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and ML approaches. In addition, part of our foundation is our offering of advanced analytical services and solutions to support your advanced analytics team.

  • Credit Scoring Models

    We offer credit scoring model development and strategy design throughout the entire customer credit lifecycle covering Application, Behavior and Collections & Recovery scores.

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  • Regulatory Compliance Advisory

    Our regulatory advisory supports our financial services clients to adapt in the fast-changing regulatory landscapes across multiple jurisdictions in Southeast Asia.

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  • Business Analytics Consultancy

    Our analytics consultants provides strategic credit risk management insights powered by data-driven analysis, to help our clients to uncover new business opportunities, customer segments and accelerate their strategies.

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  • Data Quality Assessment

    Our data health assessment measures the core principles of your data quality to improve, maintain and realise greater potential in your data asset.

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  • Collections Analytics

    Advanced analytics plays a vital role in collection management, helping lenders with scores to identify and optimise collection efforts.

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Explore our advanced analytics solutions

  • Marketswitch Optimisation

    A cutting-edge decisioning software solution to help organisations automatically evaluate competing business goals, contact protocols, operational constraints, and individual customer needs and preferences and calculates the impact of every possible decision, leaving you with the best combination of actions to take.

  • Ascend Intelligence Services (AIS)

    The award-winning solution empowers financial services firms with Experian’s revolutionary managed analytics solutions, services and resources, delivered on a modern-tech AI platform, providing analytics capabilities covering the entire credit lifecycle.

  • Early Warning System

    Receiving early signals on your client’s financial situation is critical during this fast-changing conditions and economic uncertainty. EWS strengthen your pre-delinquency strategies to optimise your recovery & collection process.

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