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Experian Singapore provides data, analytical and marketing services to enable organisations to make and execute better business decisions.

Experian is a global leader in harnessing information and using it to empower businesses and consumers. We are dedicated to helping people and organisations make sense of complex data, using our expertise in data and analytics we can provide you with insight into customer relationships to help you make informed business and marketing decisions.

Report on The Economics of Fraud

The Economics of Fraud

Do you know what the fraud hotspots in Asia Pacific are? How are businesses protecting their firms from fraudulent activity and transactions?Learn how you can leverage these results and more to help see where your company stands when it comes to fraud prevention measures.

The Economist report: Clicks to Coin

Clicks to Coin

Clicking. Browsing. Searching. Chatting. Online, mobile, offline. Read how c-level executives are handling the deluge of data stemming from the enourmous volumes of data in Asia. 

The Digital Consumer View (Asia) 2015 study

Digital Consumer View (Asia) 2015

Compiled from the responses of more than 1,200 digital consumers across 6 markets in Asia, this is a comprehensive study on channel and device behaviour as well as content preferences of the Asian digital consumer.