Sep 2020 | News |

SINGAPORE, 02 September 2020Experian Asia Pacific today announced the appointment of Mohan Jayaraman as its Managing Director for Southeast Asia and Regional Innovation. Mohan will provide leadership for the SEA business and will continue to head Experian APac’s first innovation hub – Experian X Labs. This will direct synergies between market development and innovation to uplift financial inclusion in the region.


Mohan is a seasoned senior executive in the data and financial services space, managing multi-market and vertical responsibilities in his 10-year tenure at Experian. He was instrumental in transforming the Experian India business lines to scale, multiplying its revenue by 5-fold within 4 years.


As Managing Director for SEA, Mohan will drive Experian’s strategy and solutions to match the market needs for a society that nurtures a fairer and more sustainable access to financing, whilst spearheading technological advancements like leveraging on new sources of alternate data for credit scoring and automated, smarter decisioning in the region.


On the innovation front, Mohan will continue to advance Experian’s investment across Asia Pacific in data science, machine learning and technology progress to drive responsible digital innovation and solutions which fuel our partners’ participation in an increasingly agile digital world. His remit encompasses Experian’s Analytics Centre of Excellence and the product and technology builds.


At Experian, our goal is to help our customers thrive through an era of rapid transformation driven by technology. Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, decision optimisation, prescriptive analytics and others, will require businesses large and small to be more open and collaborative in order to drive new revenue streams, business models, and maintain employee productivity, in what we call The Next Data Science Economy. With Mohan’s leadership, our SEA and innovation teams are better positioned than ever before to help our customers through challenging, multiplatform enterprise transformations using Experian’s innovative solutions and strong partner ecosystem.


Prior to joining Experian, Mohan was a senior banking professional with ICICI Bank, with his last role as its Head of Payment Solutions & Enterprise Analytics. In his 8-year stint with ICICI Bank, he also handled the retail structured finance portfolio. He was involved in strategic buyout deals in the auto, two-wheelers, commercial vehicles and credit cards businesses.


Mohan is the Experian representation on the Strategic Advisory Council for APIX, an initiative of the ASEAN Financial Innovation Network (AFIN), a not-for-profit entity that was jointly formed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), the World Bank Group’s International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the ASEAN Bankers Association. It is a global, open-architecture platform that supports financial innovation and inclusion in ASEAN and around the world.