Jun 2021 | Debt Collection |

We helped an acquiring company collect on a sizable debt portfolio in a significant transportation M&A deal in Singapore. This enabled the acquiring company to reduce its debt exposure over a short period of time.


Acquiring company inherited a significant loan-debt portfolio which required a major resource allocation to address it over a short period. A decision was made to assign the portfolio to an external agency which could focus and land results over a period extending a year.


Experian was selected as we demonstrated a track record and ability to understand the debt challenge as mirrored in our bank-related collections portfolio. Our negative listing service added to the responsiveness of the debtors in repayment. Over and above this was the Experian in-house collections team, composed of experienced collection professionals familiar with the automotive and leasing business. Additionally, the classification of the team as essential workers meant that our team was always available during the COVID-19 period where many others had to stop work.


This debt portfolio project had a project period of 12 months consisting of a multimillion debt size. Experian’s continuity of business ensured that we had the ready resources to service the portfolio consistency, tracking good results which exceeded the expectations of the client.