VISION2020 Asia Pacific Agenda: 5th Feb
8:00 AM
Registration/ Coffee/ Tech Showcase
9:00 AM
Welcome Address
We kick off Vision2020 APAC with an opening address to set the stage for two days of in-depth knowledge sharing.

Ben Elliott, CEO, Experian Asia Pacific  

9:10 AM
Opening Address 
Minister of the Government of Singapore (TBC)

Guest of Honour 

9:30 AM
The Future of Bold
In this brave new digital world, change comes at lightning speed. This has made innovation among the most important business goal, no matter the industry. Disruptive advances in AI, Data, autonomous decisioning and analytics to name a few will be the tools that power that innovation. Join us as Experian's Global CEO, Brian Cassin shares and discusses bold strides that may be taken combined with a robust technology strategy, focused on sophisticated technology powered by best-in-class data analytics, can position businesses for the win.

Brian Cassin, Global CEO, Experian 

9:50 AM
Power up - An Autonomous World of Decisioning

Automation has the potential to be a game changer for any business. From autonomous analytics to cloud-based decisioning systems and the truly transformative power of machine learning, hear from experts as they share insights on how to ready your business for this new, autonomous world. Gain more insights across strategy management and collections strategies.

Learn how market-leading Experian solutions like PowerCurve can enable best-in class intelligent decisioning through advanced analytics, machine learning and the future roadmap.

Steve Wagner, Global Managing Director Experian Decision Analytics
Birger Thorburn, Chief Technology Officer, Experian Decision Analytics
Harry Singh, Vice-President Product Management, Collections , Experian
Jason Humphrey, Head of Risk ANZ Bank

10:50 AM

Tea/Coffee Break

Meet at The Hub | Tech Showcase

11:15 AM
The Asia Pacific Advantage
Home to some of the most exciting & innovative technologies anywhere in the world, APAC is poised to disrupt the market. Learn how leading companies from across the region leverage data and analytics along with a deep understanding of the market thrives in the varied APAC ecosystem and also glean valuable insights on key trends to succeed.

Moderator: Sandeep Bhalla, Senior Advisor Financial Institutions and Consumer,
Boston Consulting Group

Angus Choi, CEO of Joint Electronic Teller Services Limited
Zarin Daruwala, CEO, Standard Chartered Bank, India
Senior Representative from Asia’s leading “super app”
Senior Representative from Asia’s leading financial institution

The Rise of  the Virtual Bank
Virtual banking is a fresh new paradigm that is looking to disrupt the traditional banking ecosystem by offering financial services at the speed and convenience of digital. With the first few virtual banks in APAC launching, what impact will these new challengers have and what hurdles will they have to overcome?

Moderator: Michael Araneta, Associate Vice-President, IDC Financial Insights

Alex Manson, SC Ventures
Anish Achuthan, CEO & Co-Founder, Open Bank
Jenny Lee, Chief Product Officer, WeLab
Tony Ohlsson, Chief Analytics Officer, Volt Bank

12:45 PM

Meet at The Hub | Tech Showcase

1:45 PM
Spotlight Arena 1 Experian X Labs Showcase

Discover the latest innovative solutions from Experian’s X Labs innovation hub. Built to solve customer pain points, especially in APAC, X Labs is home to some of our most innovative, robust and cutting edge solutions.

In particular, some of the exciting projects that X Labs is working on include:Open Banking; Agriculture; Alternative data scoring;Predictive Analytics and more.

Experian X Labs

Powering Better Decisions: Shifting strategies towards a truly customer-first model

Better customer decisions are a powerful force for raising business performance. Precisely targeted decisions, consistently executed across the Customer Life Cycle, can drive profitability.

Through various global and local use cases, learn how market-leading Experian products like PowerCurve and our game-changing Experian One solution on the cloud can enable best-in class decisioning.

Birger Thorburn, Chief Technology Officer, Experian Decision Analytics
Harry Singh, Vice-President, Product Management, Collections, Experian
Paul Smith, Head of Product Management, Experian Asia Pacific

Securing Digital Identity

As more and more of our basic societal functions go online, the security of our digital identities become ever more important. Be it deeper integration into existing systems or the ability of these digital identities to allow synergies never before realised, there is little doubt that protecting the digital self has become of paramount importance.

David Britton, VP Industry Solutions, Global ID & Fraud Expert, Experian
Anjum Babaiah, Head of Fraud Products, Experian India

2:35 PM
Spotlight Arena 2 X Labs Showcase

Discover the latest innovative solutions from Experian’s X Labs innovation hub. Built to solve customer pain points, especially in APAC, X Labs is home to some of our most innovative, robust and cutting edge solutions.

In particular, some of the exciting projects that X Labs is working on include:Open Banking; Agriculture; Alternative data scoring;Predictive Analytics and more.

Experian X Labs 

Alternative Data: The Backbone of Financial Empowerment
A majority of APAC is underbanked, meaning that they have little to no access to traditional financial ecosystems. This often perpetuates a cycle of poverty that strips opportunity and upward mobility from millions. Alternative data seeks to help address this by using the power of data to offer the underbanked the resources they need to enjoy financial empowerment

Marcelo Pimenta, Head of LATAM DataLabs, Serasa Experian
Allison Howells, Head of Central Product Development Team, Experian Asia Pacific

3:20 PM
Tea/Coffee Break
Meet at The Hub | Tech Showcase
4:10 PM
Consumer Consent and the Future of Transparency
The new connected consumer is unlike anything that has come before. They demand convenience, speed and security from all service providers. To provide these services however, data is a key ingredient. Creating the right balance between consumer consent and data collected will become ever more important and developing a robust framework for this will be something that will pay dividends in the long run.

Moderator: Howie Lau, Chief Industry Development Officer, Industry Development, Infocomm Media Development Authority
Steve Leonard
, Founding CEO, SGInnovate 

4:30 PM
Fireside Chat with Sachin Tendulkar
Join cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar for an intimate session at VISION2020 APAC as he brings to life the mind of a champion.

Moderator: Piyush Gupta, CEO & Director, DBS Group 
Sachin Tendulkar, Former International Cricketer

5:15 PM
Conference Closing
5:30 PM
Cocktail Reception
Information as at 15 November 2019. Subject to change
VISION2020 Asia Pacific Agenda: 6th Feb
9:00 AM
Day 2 Opening
9:05 AM
Building Infrastructure for a Digital Economy
The key to an inclusive digital economy resides in the development of public infrastructure to support private sector innovation and to make it economically viable to reach underserved segments of society. This keynote will explore the regulators role in enabling digital transformation and enhancing financial inclusion in this region with a focus on public digital infrastructure and its role in enabling cross-border flows.

Sopnendu Mohanty, Chief FinTech Officer, Monetary Authority of Singapore 

9:20 AM
Tech for Good
5G has the potential to rewrite the rules of the digital economy by supercharging data speeds, giving businesses the opportunity to do more online while at the same time taking advantage of powerful IOT technologies to offer customers more. How are the telcos of tomorrow going to power this 5G world and what should you do to prepare?

9:35 AM
Leadership & Innovation 
With the challenges and opportunities facing leaders today; globalisation, sustainability, new sources of competitive advantage and alternative business models to name a few, how do leaders rethink their approach to culture, learning and innovation?

Pip Marlow, CEO, Salesforce ANZ

9:50 AM
An Open Banking and Open Data future

Open banking has the potential to be one of the most disruptive paradigms in the financial sector. Building a successful, customer-focused ecosystem around this will require collaboration from regulators, technology providers and financial institutions.

Learn how this data-powered, collaborative future will look like and how you can position your business to make the most of open data and open banking.

Moderator: Steve Thomas, Managing Director, Strategic Development

Mike Laing, CEO, Australian Retail Credit Association
Rama Sridhar, Executive Vice President, Digital & Emerging Partnerships and New Payment Flows, Asia Pacific, Mastercard, AFIN Advisory Board Member
Senior Representative from OJK Indonesia 
Senior Representative from HSBC

10:30 AM

Tea/Coffee Break
Meet at The Hub | Tech Showcase

11:00 AM
Unlocking the Power of Data

Experian has a decades long track record of creating market-leading innovative solutions and with Ascend, Experian’s new one-stop-shop insights, model development and results measurement platform, embrace the power of big data, AI and machine learning in a hybrid-cloud environment that is designed to move you at the speed of the market.

Along with Ascend, learn about Experian Boost, a brand new solution that lets consumers opt to include alternative data sets like their utilities bills to boost their existing credit score.

Hear from Alex Lintner, President of Consumer Information Services as he takes the stage to dive deep into Ascend and Boost with exciting live demos, showcasing how more robust consumer data can empower people to achieve their financial destinies along with successful use cases.

Alex Lintner, Group President, Consumer Information Services North America, Experian
David Huizinga, Vice President, Product Management Experian Consumer Information Services, North America

12:00 PM
Rise of Conversational AI
Understand how conversational AI is poised to redefine the next generation of human interface and how it can lead to better customer satisfaction and elevate the customer relationship from transaction to stickier interaction.

Moderator: Shri Santhanam, General Manager, Global Analytics and AI solutions, Experian

Malcolm Rodrigues, CEO & Co-founder, MyRepublic
Mohan Jayaraman, Managing Director, Strategy & Innovation, Experian Asia Pacific
Dr Prof Shonali Krishnaswamy,
Chief Technology Officer, AIDA Technologies Pte Ltd


Meet at The Hub | Tech Showcase

2:00 PM

Spotlight Arena 3

X Labs Showcase

Discover the latest innovative solutions from Experian’s X Labs innovation hub. Built to solve customer pain points, especially in APAC, X Labs is home to some of our most innovative, robust and cutting edge solutions.

In particular, some of the exciting projects that X Labs is working on include: Open Banking; Agriculture; Alternative data scoring; Predictive Analytics and more.

Experian X Labs 

Winning with Big Data - Analytics Tools on Demand

Experian Ascend Analytics on Demand is a powerful and secure analytics platform that gives you access to Experian’s leading bureau data and a range of alternative data sources, including your own, on demand.

By equipping yourself with the analytics tools of the future within Experian Ascend, you can build a range of benchmarking, scorecard and customer management analysis on the platform in real time, before presenting them in many interactive formats designed for presentation in the boardroom.

David Huizinga, Vice President, Product Management Experian Consumer Information Services, North America
Allison Howells, Head of Central Product Development Team, Experian Asia Pacific

Winning with Open Banking

Open banking has immense potential for banks and consumers alike, democraticising financial data for the benefit of all. Hear from successful companies that have taken advantage of open banking and open data to succeed and learn how your business can do the same.

Steve Thomas, Managing Director, Strategic Development, Experian
Stuart Grover, Co-founder & CEO Look Who’s Charging

2:50 PM

Spotlight Arena 4

X Labs Showcase
Discover the latest innovative solutions from Experian’s X Labs innovation hub. Built to solve customer pain points, especially in APAC, X Labs is home to some of our most innovative, robust and cutting edge solutions.

Experian X Labs

Powering customer-centric experiences with next generation Data Management capability
The importance of providing customer-centric experiences is ever increasing. Consumer expectations, competitive pressure, improving product performance and regulation all require customer-centricity, however the data quality challenges to creating a single view of a customer are only growing. Find out how next generation data management capability can help achieve customer-centricity and more powerful decision making.

Luke Westlake, Services Director, Data Quality & Targeting, Experian ANZ
Andrew Robins, Principal Consultant – Collections, CSDA Delivery, Experian ANZ

3:35 PM
Tea/Coffee Break
Meet at The Hub | Tech Showcase
4:00 PM
Fireside with Lewis Hamilton & Mark Gallagher  

Moderator: Mark Gallagher, Formula One Industry Executive
Lewis Hamilton, Six-time Formula One World Champion

4:45 PM
Conference Closing
4:50 PM
End of Program
Information as at 15 November 2019. Subject to change
Demo @ Tech Showcase
VISION2020 Asia Pacific Agenda: 6th Feb

Gaining clarity from complexity is hard. Learn how analytics can help make it easier.

Data alone cannot solve your business problems. Analytics can provide the needed insights from your data to help ensure success. Our analytics solutions provide the right remedy to help you minimise risk and optimise revenue across all stages of the customer life cycle. Our analytics range in complexity from descriptive to predictive to prescriptive to help you make the most optimal decisions based on your business needs.

Regulatory Analytics
Find out how Experian's analytics tools is able to help fintech companies track and monitor IFRS9 models, provisions & understand opportunities to optimise/ save provisions.
Telco Analytics
Learn how phone bills help telco providers offer credit to consumers. See how Experian makes use of advanced analytics to extend credit to its customers.
Analytics Product
Find out how Experian Digital Customer Acquisition solution helps to improve customer experience and optimise the digital acquisition process with additional data analytics for improved targeting.
Open Data
Open Data

Open Data is in many ways the next natural evolution of this digital paradigm.

Open Banking envisions a process whereby banking and financial services can become truly open. This move towards open data is indicative of the increased digitisation of economies and populations in Asia Pacific as well as a strong desire to empower the unbanked and underbanked to pursue upward mobility by using the ubiquity of connected technologies.

Data into Insights

Consumers are creating large amounts of data every day. Organisations are capturing it at every moment through brand, product and service touch points.

While this information can enhance the customer experience, often it does not provide organisations with some of the most important insights needed – going beyond the customer journey to actually get to know the customer.

Find out how you can turn data into insights that translates into better customer service; thereby generating revenue and opportunity for your business.

Alternate Consumer Data
Data sources that include alternative financing, account aggregation, utility and rental payments determine an applicant’s ability to pay, and/or verify an identity. See the impact alternative data sources can make in your decision making process.
Learn how Ascend offers the fastest way to build, optimise and deploy custom models. Ascend gives you the ability to get insights from big data and build strategies, maximising the impact of all of your customer experience touchpoints.

Turn complex data into actionable insights faster with confident decisions

Responding to increasing consumer demands faster than your competitors in a frictionless way is a continuous challenge, and it starts with turning data into relevant and confident business decisions.

Experience a new decisioning paradigm to help you manage high-volume, high-value decisions about your business and customers - enterprise-wide decisioning ecosystem. An environment designed to improve the speed and ease with which you make decisions and respond to customers across your entire organisation.

We brought together data, analytics and technology to make you faster, more agile and more responsive, providing greater control to make the best decisions for your business while exceeding your customers’ expectations.


Learn how you can onboard customers in a fully configurable, compliant and secure manner, giving customers the ability to apply for products and services digitally (self-serve or assisted by agents) with ease.

It enables organisations to deliver a speedy onboarding customer experience by bringing together user-friendly interfaces, data, scores and best-in-class decisioning on a single integrated platform.

PowerCurve® Collections
Our debt management system, PowerCurve® Collections unlocks the power of data and analytics, giving collections teams a process that is fair, efficient and compliant. The result is a more effective, customer-focused collections process that turns even hard to find and difficult debtors into valuable customers while increasing recoveries and reducing costs.
PowerCurve® Strategy Management

With integrated data and analytics, PowerCurve® Strategy Management gives you the insight and control to make more informed and nimble decisions, especially when conditions change, as they often do.

Turn increasing competition and rising customer expectations into opportunities with PowerCurve® Strategy Management, a solution that allows you to consistently make critical decisions, with confidence across the customer lifecycle.

PowerCurve®AIVA for Collections
Engage in a conversation with our Artificial Intelligence Virtual Assistant - AiVA that adopts Machine Learning technologies to close the communicational gap with customers, providing clients with the missing link between digitalisation and automaton of the collector-debtor dialogue.
Identity & Fraud
Identity & Fraud

Effective fraud prevention does more than stop fraud; it helps you do business with the right customers.

Technology is always evolving — for fraudsters and those defending against attacks. We work diligently to stay one step ahead of fraudsters so we can protect your business and your customers. Our capabilities and fraud experts can help you modify strategies quickly, catch fraud faster, improve compliance and enhance the customer experience.

We are proud to have helped our clients screen more than 15 billion fraud events this past year alone. That is more than 3,300 events per second. And most consumers are not even aware of what is happening behind the scenes to keep them safe as they do everyday things — like shop online or check their bank balances on their mobile devices.

Consumers expect businesses to recognise who they are, protect their information and deliver a relevant customer experience.

The Future of Identity

Come see a layered approach to fraud and risk management with digital risk assessment models preconfigured with fraud detection patterns that will alert you to suspicious online transactions. With this budget-friendly, scalable system you can automate fraud detection and decision making into one streamlined approach.

See the CrossCore™ platform in action; the first smart, open, plug-and-play platform for fraud and identity services that puts powerful protection direction into your applications and decisioning workflows.

Digital Ecosystems
Digital Ecosystems

Experian Atlas, digital marketplaces powered by Experian

Witness the technological prowess of Experian Atlas.

A technology platform powering consumer-centric digital ecosystem by leveraging data and analytics to help people get fairer access to credit. Experian Atlas drives greater access to credit as well as a wider lending universe.

Find out how you can reach unbanked and underbanked segments, generate leads and create revenue flow, reduce cost through digital onboarding while delivering a sound customer experience at the same time.