Handset Financing

Help your customers access their desired smartphones with the right handset financing plan. Experian’s Handset Financing solution allows you to approve instalment plans risk-free in a matter of minutes, offering a seamless enrollment experience to your clients.

Approve your subscriber’s handset
instalment plan within five minutes

Handset financing removes the burden of handset subsidies from Mobile Network Operators’ (MNO) balance sheets. This is an innovative solution that offers subscribers the opportunity to afford mid to high-end smartphones by paying the handset cost in instalments. Giving more customers access to smartphones encourages higher usage and spend patterns but also encourages customers to recontract regularly, thus, supporting MNOs in their churn reduction efforts. Experian’s Handset Financing solution delivers all technology and credit risk management capabilities required to process handset financing as part of a MNO’s enrolment process. With Experian, end-to-end approval of a customer’s handset financing plan takes less than five minutes.

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