The retail lending landscape is in the midst of a massive digital-powered paradigm shift. This new digital future is robust, seamless and lightning fast. It is powered by big data, machine learning and offers consumers more choice to plot their own financial destinies.

Approaching the new world of retail lending is going to need new methodologies, tools and a brand new way of approaching the age old question of how to give customers maximum value. The first step is to relook at the customer journey, specifically, the onboarding process and how that can be brought into the digital age through a solution that is quick, easy and safe.

By creating a quick, seamless and intuitive process for onboarding new customers, organisations are able to save time and money, while at the same time offering consumers an all-round better experience.

Experian Retail Digital Onboarding is a purpose-built solution that combines cutting edge data, decisioning and analytics to enable truly next-generation retail onboarding.

  • Omnichannel
  • KYC Compliant
  • Designed for businesses with a B2C portfolio
  • Scalable

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