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Global Insights Report: April 2022

As more people go online for their consumption needs, businesses must keep pace with digital experiences to strengthen trust and loyalty. However, there remains a gap between consumer expectations and the digital experience businesses can offer, with only 1 in 5 Singaporean consumers saying businesses have completely met their expectations for digital experiences, the lowest across APAC.

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2021 Global Decisioning Report

Navigating a new era of credit risk decisioning- as lenders prepare to navigate a changed world, they’re prioritizing digital investments to help. Find out what the top 5 Key business priorities are in 2021.

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Experian Selected as Leading Provider of Digital Identity Solutions

Digital identity solutions are a crucial component to enhancing the customer experience in digital transactions. Driven by verified data, digital identity as a concept benefits both businesses and consumers. Innovative and effective solutions can prevent costly fraudulent activity and enhance compliance measures for businesses and ensure a more convenient and protected experience for consumers.

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2021 Global Insights Report – Wave 3

The world is still grappling with the mental, emotional, and financial toll of the Covid-19 pandemic but there are clear signs of hope and resolution ahead. Consumer concerns about their personal finances have started to ease for the first time since June 2020. And there’s a groundswell of opportunity for businesses to serve the growing ranks of “connected customers”—putting the consumer truly at the heart of the relationship.

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2020 Global Data Management Research

For many, the promise of data-driven business is more myth than matter. Despite sincere ambitions, many businesses fail to take advantage of the many benefits that data can provide, as efforts around analytics and business intelligence are hamstrung by poor-quality data. How do businesses gain control over their most valuable asset?

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2019 Frost & Sullivan Report

In this report with Frost & Sullivan, we take a deep dive at the corporate innovation agenda and the role that innovation labs have in the development of the facets needed for a successful corporate innovation ecosystem.

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2019 Asia-Pacific Identity and Fraud Report

Digital adoption and with it a fast-growing digital ecosystem are changing the relationship between businesses and consumers in Asia-Pacific. While businesses are striving to drive and unlock the benefits from increasingly digital lifestyles, they must tackle many challenges.

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