Growing Financial Inclusion To Create a Better Tomorrow – Corporate Social Responsibility

Growing Financial Inclusion To Create a Better Tomorrow – Corporate Social Responsibility

At the start of a new year we look back on 2019 to appreciate the people, organisations and moments that left their mark in our community to create a better tomorrow.


At Experian, we are dedicated to empowering our people to donate their time, office expertise and products to support people and non-profits, and channel community investment to causes relevant to our business, such as financial education.


In the Southeast Asia community, here’s the best of the good we witnessed and will be celebrating:


Southeast Asia

  • #OneHourAPAC campaign inspired each of us to give back 2 days of our time in the community - we’ve seen our people donate over 1,700 volunteer hours so far, benefitting 26 inspiring charities improving the financial health of our neighbourhoods, from helping low-economic women secure better jobs (with Daughters of Tomorrow) to growing women-owned businesses (with Women of Will) to reducing the costs of our local shelter for the elderly (Society for the Aged Sick), to taking care of the education fees for children in rural Malaysia (Helping Hands Penan).
  • Winning Social Innovation funding to create Experian Agri-X, our first product to support farmers in accessing affordable insurance to protect their livelihoods from the financial impact of climate change.
  • Proud to launch X Score in the market, also our 2018 winning entry for Social Innovation. X Score is Experian’s alternative data-based lending platform which combines multiple data sources and bringing them together into a single aggregated score. X Score will drive financial inclusion to enable financial access to the next 20% of the underbanked in Southeast Asia.
  • The team building of 150 of our colleagues at the “For the consumer, For the future” sales conference to support Bye Bye Plastic bags in Bali which set off an environmental wave of activity across APAC’s offices.



  • Launching the Value of Care report and putting a spotlight on foreign domestic workers and the USD$8.2 billion they contributed in 2018 to Singapore’s economy; 2.4% of the GDP which has been had a reach of 220 million people.

  • Launching our Impact Wall to celebrate the impact of our people, products and partnership on our mission to create a better tomorrow by growing financial inclusion.

  • AIDHA – Raising funds for AIDHA, a non-profit providing financial literacy courses for foreign domestic workers and local low-income women, for the rebrand of Experian Singapore in May 2019. We will be conducting financial education classes for them in our office from February 2020.
  • Daughters Of Tomorrow (DOT)  – Partnering with DOT, a non-profit helping women from low income families in Singapore in building financially independent and resilient families, in hosting a ‘Living On The Edge’ workshop and interview-skills workshop to support 48 low-income women gain the confidence to secure their future careers .

  • Brighton Connection  – Delivering 44 food-hampers for families who are supported by the Brighton Connection this Christmas. Brighton Connection is a non-profit Social Service Agency and charity rendering assistance to children, families and seniors through social development initiatives and empowerment schemes.



  • Clinching our first CSR award in Asia Pacific for raising the bar for CSR practices in the IT sector at the 2019 CSR Malaysia awards.
  • Helping Hands Penan – Hosting a Charity Sale selling pre-loved items to raise funds for an indigenous girl’s monthly allowance as she pursues her tertiary education. We successfully funded two-third of her tuition fee this year.
  • Women of Will (WoW)  – Working in partnership with WoW across an 18-month entrepreneurship journey to help transform the lives of 50 underprivileged women in Malaysia. Our impact officers invested their hearts and hours to empower these women to become financially independent by providing business skills training, coaching and equipment support, and further enrich the WoW community with basic cooking and craft skills.



Know One, Teach One (KOTO) – Cheering for our sponsored trainees at the graduation and 20th anniversary of KOTO, our favourite organisation in creating better futures for street kids in Vietnam. They also featured our current sponsored trainee on CNN - Huynh Thuy Phuong Uyen sharing her Dreams and Passions.

KOTO runs two-year vocational programs for underprivileged and at-risk youths in Vietnam from ages 16 to 22, to help them pursue hospitality careers in restaurants, hotels, bars and cafes.



Rolling on to 2020 we look forward to new opportunities to bring financial inclusion to the region. Corporate Social Responsibility sits deep in our business, as Experian Group Chief Executive Officer Brian Cassin said – we are a “company with a heart”. Every day we’re investing in new technologies, partnerships, talented people and innovation to power opportunities and create a better tomorrow.

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By Experian 01/07/2020

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