COSTA MESA, Calif., April 4, 2022 — Experian, a global information services company which provides technology, data and analytics to its clients, was named the top established leader in digital identity in Juniper Research’s Digital Identity Competitor Leaderboard. The report provides a five-year forecast for the digital identity sector and cites Experian and its CrossCoreTM platform as the market leader in capacity, capability, and product strength.


“We’re thrilled Juniper Research has positioned us as the top provider of digital identity,” said David Britton, Vice President of Global Strategy for Digital Identity & Fraud at Experian. “Being able to accurately identify a customer in a digital transaction helps our clients provide a better customer experience and prevent fraud. Fighting fraud and reducing risk, while enabling great consumer experience, is at the heart of Experian’s mission to make the digital world a safer place, even as cybersecurity rises as a worldwide threat.”


CrossCore, Experian’s flagship digital identity and fraud management platform, was first launched in 2016 and is currently used by over 400 clients worldwide. More recent acquisitions and new third-party partners have expanded CrossCore’s identity and fraud capabilities and expanded its reach. Other Experian Identity &Fraud and Decisioning products are integrated into CrossCore, and customers can connect their own products into the platform as well. Learn more about the CrossCore platform here.


Juniper Research noted CrossCore’s recent updates to further improve identity verification processes and noted, “One of the key advantages of the platform is the flexibility it provides: customers are enabled to specify services needed based on the workflow logic and decision criteria for each transaction. Business customers are also empowered to use self-service workflows and reporting mechanisms, allowing them to adapt their strategies.” Experian was also noted for its high expertise in partnerships, identification coverage, customers and deployments.