What is Decision Analytics?

Each year, the world produces a wealth of data. In fact, there’s more of it than businesses can handle, meaning much of it goes unanalysed. Yet hidden in all of this unused data are rich insights that could inform business decisions and open up incredible opportunities.

We know that when businesses are empowered to analyse their data and use it to make smart decisions, outcomes improve for their customers too.

From automotive to finance, we help organisations connect with their customers, manage credit risk, prevent fraud, and automate their decisions through our unique range of analytical tools and software.

Take a closer look at the various functionalities of Experian Decision Analytics service.

Block fraudsters without impacting customers

It’s likely your fraud prevention efforts are focussed on stopping fraud and reducing losses. But what if the defences you’re investing in are also keeping genuine customers out? Experian's fraud solutions protect your business from fraudsters at each stage of the customer lifecycle, from application fraud and identity theft to transactional and open account fraud, while still delivering a positive experience for your customers.  

Make critical decisions with confidence

The more you know about a potential customer, the better you can assess the value of the relationship over time. But if you’re working with legacy systems, technology and resources can be a challenge. Experian's PowerCurve™ Originations brings together the data, analytics and expertise you need. The result? Quickly make your best prospects your most valuable customers.

Fast and efficient customer acquisition

Growth and profitability are most businesses’ priorities. Yet in a changing regulatory landscape, assessing the viability of new customers and getting them through the door quickly is an ongoing challenge. Experian's PowerCurve™ OnDemand software connects you to credit bureaux, internal and third-party data on demand. Making a decision about a new customer? Don’t make them wait.

Turn insights into actionable strategies

Knowing how to get what you want out of data is worth more than the data itself. Data might generate insights into how our customers think and behave, but Experian's PowerCurve™ Customer Management tool turns these insights into actionable strategies. Not only that, but it rapidly and consistently executes them across your product lines and channels. The impact on your customer experience? It knocks your competition out of the park.

Predict patterns of customer behaviour

With so much complex customer data available nowadays, the primary challenge organisations face is how to use this data effectively. With Experian’s data modelling and scoring tools, you can unravel the potential of this data, maximise the value you get from each customer, and predict their patterns of behaviour. It’s like a crystal ball, but with even more wizardry.

The information you need, when you need it

Timing is everything, especially when it comes to managing risk. With so many voices out there, how do you choose who to listen to? Experian's Intelligent Business Reporting tells you what you really need to know, when you need to know it. Accurate, high-level reports on your desk exactly when you need them.

Dedicated support and expertise on tap

New legislation, advances in technology, and a changing marketplace can all put paid to the best-laid plans. Here at Experian, we provide our clients with a dedicated team of strategic consultants to help you clear any hurdles that cross your path.

Experian's decision analytics services help businesses with