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Understand and take control of your credit

Your Experian Credit Report shows your financial behaviour from the last 12 months. It includes information like whether you pay your bills on time, and how much money you owe. Companies may use this data to help them decide whether to give you credit.

But they are not the only ones who can benefit: you can use your report too. Understanding your report may help you improve your score, which could mean better credit offers for you. Your credit score helps companies decide whether to give you credit. It is based on your personal data, though each company may calculate it slightly differently.

The higher your score, the better your chances of getting credit. A good rating can help you borrow larger amounts or pay less interest. Your score is a gateway to getting the credit you want, so it is smart to know more about it.


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    Based off data contributed by Experian Banking Bureau members, your personal credit report is a reflection of your financial health and captures your consumer credit information. Your report includes your Delphi Score which is a measure of your credit worthiness.

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Check your credit status

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Maintain the accuracy of your information

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Identify fraud and prevent financial losses

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Better manage your finances

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Better manage your finances


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