Protect your business and your customers from fraud

Stop fraud before losses occur with Experian’s fraud solutions

It’s likely your fraud prevention efforts are focussed on stopping fraud and reducing losses. But what if the defences you’re investing in are also keeping genuine customers out?

We can help to protect your business from fraudsters at each stage of the customer lifecycle, from application fraud and identity theft to transactional and open account fraud, while still delivering a positive experience for your customers.  

Avoid application fraud

Fraud is the biggest cause of revenue loss for financial, telecommunications and insurance organisations around the world. Our software and information will help you to detect potentially fraudulent applications before you even accept a customer. Quick, efficient, and in real time.

Authenticate your customers in real time

Know the person you’re dealing with is credible and who they say they are. We provide instant verification and authentication tools to prevent fraud in real time.

Prevent open account fraud

Sometimes businesses need that extra support to be the eyes and ears of their business. We monitor account patterns, assess customer behaviour and advise on the likelihood of them committing ‘open account fraud’. We also target ‘bust out’ or ‘sleeper’ fraud, where time elapses between the application and the fraud itself.

Avoid fraudulent insurance claims

As well as the financial and telecommunications businesses, we develop products specifically for the insurance industry. This enables you to verify information, quantify risk and take effective measures to prevent fraudulent claims.

Protect from identity fraud

Taking steps to prevent identity fraud protects your customers as much as your business. With Experian’s services, you can validate a customer’s bank account details instantly and confirm that the person you’re talking to is who they say they are. We can also help your organisation to protect your customers and staff in the event of ID fraud

Manage your response to a data breach

No one wants to imagine the worst could happen, but if it does, it’s best to be ready. In the event of a data breach, for example unauthorised access to personal information or bank account details, we can work with you to provide a strategy to deal with the data breach and protect your customers and staff.

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