Consistent, robust and profitable evaluations

If you’re lending money to your customers or providing them with goods or services, it’s crucial that the decision to work with them is founded on accurate and valid data about their financial situation.

Taking a look at your customer’s credit reports helps you to evaluate their creditworthiness and make profitable, sustainable decisions.

Our 125 years of experience tells us that’s not enough. Time is money, and to power your business forward you don’t just need to make reliable decisions. You need comprehensive, quality data.

Experian Credit Reports are the product of our ability to gather, analyse, and process data in ways others simply can’t. They contain important information you need to know about your potential customer at a glance, including a unique Experian credit score.

Our credit scoring method rates your consumer out of 1,000, giving you an immediate understanding of your customer’s creditworthiness without getting bogged down in the detail. Succinct, accessible, and easy to understand.


Application processing

When you’re processing applications from new clients, you want to be able to make quick, efficient decisions. Our application processing tools offer automated, rapid, yet flexible decisioning which will ensure you get profitable customers safely.

Authenticate your customers in real time

When conducting transactions online or over the phone, you want to know the person you’re dealing with is who they say they are. We provide instant verification and authentication tools to prevent fraud in real time.

Maximise collections and recoveries

Debt collection is beginning to emerge as a front-line profit driver and we built a range of services that meet your key debt collection needs, including segmentation, account monitoring, decisioning and case management.

Avoid application fraud

Fraud is the biggest cause of revenue loss for financial, telecommunications and insurance organisations around the world. Our software and information will help you to detect potentially fraudulent applications before you even accept a customer. Quick, efficient, and in real time.

Your customer’s credit history, at a glance

Sometimes you don’t need the detail. Sometimes you just need to know your decision’s a safe bet. With Experian’s unique Credit Score, you’ll make consistently calculated credit assessments.

Use data to enhance your underwriting strategy

We can help you to maximise your data in order to enhance your underwriting strategy and reduce your exposure to risk and fraud. Our underwriting services have been developed specifically for the insurance industry.

Portfolio management

What’s better than knowing who your most profitable customers are? Knowing where to find more of them. Our detailed analysis can help you to understand the risk exposure and customer value of your current portfolio, and turn insight into leads.

Complying with regulations and meeting best practice benchmarks

In today’s international and fast-paced world, the rules and regulations which control the industries in which we work are ever-changing. We can help you comply with regulations, apply best practice, verify, trace and find lost or forgotten investments.

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