Data is your greatest asset, if you know how to use it

At Experian, we unlock the power of data to create opportunity, increase profits and reduce risk. We help over 12,000 businesses around the world, and we can help you.

Need to know if your potential customers will be profitable? Enable them to carry out transactions securely and protect them from fraud? Understand how to reach your customers and develop more meaningful relationships?

We’ve got the answers

We have 3,000 technologists and data scientists on our Business Services team, safeguarding, managing and deciphering the industry’s largest and most diverse data repository. The information they have at their fingertips can help you make smarter, faster decisions, while reducing risk and increasing your profits.

Find out more about our range of business services:

Reach your most profitable customers

How do you ensure you’re only targeting the most viable, creditworthy customers? With Experian’s Customer Acquisition, you know you’re only investing your time in the most lucrative, long term relationships. You’re on to a winner every time.

Maximize relationships with existing customers

Successfully managing your customers is about more than providing a service to them. It’s about knowing which of your services they need and when they need it. Maximize your customer relationships with Experian’s Customer Insight and Management tools.

Manage credit risks and limit profit loss

In this volatile economy, avoiding credit risk is essential to your business’ profitability. Experian’s Risk Management services help you to proactively identify when a customer poses a credit risk, reduce write-offs and identify additional revenue opportunities.

Protect your business and customers from fraud

Fraud is a huge cause of losses among businesses in every sector. Stop fraud and protect your company’s assets at every stage of the customer lifecycle with Experian's Fraud and Authentication services.

Maximise your debt recovery efforts

When you’re putting effort into recovering debts, you want to know it’ll be profitable. Experian's Debt Collection and Recovery services help you locate the debt portfolios that have the greatest revenue potential.

Instantly validate and process payments

Every business wants to process payments securely and efficiently, without exposing themselves to the risk of fraud. Experian's Payments Processing and Validation tools give you this reassurance, instantly.