DP Information Group

DP Information Group is Singapore’s most trusted credit information bureau for 98% of Singapore’s financial institutions and 75% of its leading law firms. Credit and market professionals in multinational corporations and the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) rely on our comprehensive database to make critical and time-driven decisions every day.

Experian is the majority stakeholder of DP Information Group (DP Info). With this relationship, Experian brings to DP Info global technical and developmental expertise in a wealth of areas including consumer and corporate credit analysis such as: 


QuestNet is Singapore’s leading information and intelligence portal. It provides all the credit and business information that you will need in your daily business operations, enabling you to make informed and timely decisions and manage your credit risks more effectively. 

DP-Delphi Score

With the DP-Delphi Score, the days when Singaporeans struggled to make sense of their own credit report are over.  Consumers now have a methodology that translates their credit information into an easy-to-understand score; a consistent and objective score without subjective opinion and more knowledge on how to better manage their finances and liabilities.

DP Credit Rating

DP Credit Rating is a proprietary corporate credit risk default probability model, applying statistical logical regression on financial numbers. The rating provides a fast, objective and consistent way of credit assessment.  It is specially developed to equip corporate and credit professionals with a credit management tool that was modelled for the application and needs of the Singapore credit management market.

Singapore Financials Direct

Singapore Financials Direct (SFD) is a comprehensive financial database that contains XBRL information on over 150,000 public and private companies in Singapore. SFD combines public information with DP’s proprietary database for immediate access to reliable financial information & benchmarking solutions. SFD is built on an extensive database in collaboration with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore (ACRA).

Integrated Credit Solutions

Integrated Credit Solutions is a combination of robust credit and quality management programme that helps companies improve their credit control and marketing strategies. It is a total credit management solution which assists you in pre-screening, prospecting, managing and recovering a portfolio. Among the many benefits of Integrated Credit Solutions are receivables management and the SME Commercial Credit Bureau, a neutral entity that helps collect payment information that is shared among its members, giving you the ability to view payment history and the Negative List.


OnTarget, in collaboration with ACRA, is the only online marketing platform that gives you full control over your direct marketing lists and campaigns. It also helps you identify and acquire targeted leads to achieve higher direct contact results. OnTarget empowers you to manage direct marketing efforts and campaigns with maximum control as well as measure campaign effectiveness efficiently over time.

For more information on any of DP Info’s services, please visit dpgroup.com.sg

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