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Experian Marketing Services brings brands and customers closer together through actionable consumer insights, data quality and cross-channel marketing programs.

Experian Marketing Services is a global provider of integrated consumer insights, targeting, data quality and cross-channel marketing programs. We help organisations intelligently interact with today’s dynamic, empowered and hyper-connected consumers. By coordinating seamless and intelligent interactions across all channels, marketers are able to precisely plan and execute superior brand experiences that deepen customer loyalty, strengthen brand advocacy and maximise profits.

Using Experian’s technology, data resources, consultancy, and expertise, you can:

·         better understand your customers, prospects, markets and competitors

·         communicate effectively with relevant individuals and organisations

·         measure the impact of this activity across your business

Cross-Channel Marketing Strategy

Experian Marketing Services’ cross-channel marketing platform empowers brands to manage and execute all customer interactions within a single system, in real-time – removing the need for multiple, disparate platforms and individual channel vendors. Through its unparalleled scale and flexibility, the platform enables brands to easily integrate deep customer insights from any data source to create more intelligent, and effective, customer interactions across all channels.

Email Marketing

Send relevant email communications to build more lasting and profitable customer relationships. Deemed among industry leaders by Forrester Research in 2012, Experian CheetahMail provides innovative, scalable and feature-rich technology along with robust reporting and analytic tools. Backed by the support of the industry’s largest and most experienced client services team, you can create and deliver cost-effective, personalised permission-based email.

Consumer Segmentation and Profiling

Identify and target your best prospects with our unique data assets and unrivalled experience. We make it easier for you to find new customers and take advantage of opportunities for expanding existing relationships. Experian Mosaic Singapore, the award-winning geo-demographic consumer segmentation system, helps you describe, engage and measure your target audience across traditional and digital channels with total confidence.

Data Quality and Address Verification

Managing your organisation's address data accurately is critical to your businesses success. Experian QAS is partnered with Singapore Post to provide the most advanced address management solution for Singapore businesses. Our data management software and solutions assist you in keeping your data clean and validated from the point of capture, to achieve high data quality and reduce overall operational costs.

Shopper Counting and Analytics

Experian FootFall helps retailers and shopping centres to increase revenue and profitability by analysing what goes on in retail sites. Through people counting, tracking queue, cost, sales, staff numbers, marketing and other key performance data, we provide site analysis which helps identify: the optimum staff to visitor ratio for your stores; how long customers wait in your queues and how this impacts your sales; where sales conversion and marketing is being effective and in which types of stores and centres.

Campaign Management

Build profitable and loyal customer relationships with advanced analytics. Through the integration of transactional, web browsing, email behavior and geo-demographic consumer data, we can answer the key questions that will help you maximize responses across the customer lifecycle and deliver effective acquisition, up-sell/ cross-sell, and retention campaigns.

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