Maximise your efforts with Experian's debt collection services

When recovering debts, you want to know that your efforts are being concentrated on those which will be most profitable to your business. With our industry-leading information assets, software and expertise in debt collection, you can reduce the cost of recovering debts, increase your efficiency, and maximise the returns on your efforts.

Work with reliable, up-to-date collection data

We know you want to have the right details from the word go. That’s why our debt recovery team trace, cleanse, validate and enrich your data to ensure that you’re always working with the most accurate information.

Understand your customers with credit scoring

Our unique method of credit scoring helps you to understand your customers’ behaviours, risks and circumstances. Having an understanding of your customer’s situation enables you to build a stronger, more profitable relationship.

Effectively target your customers

Segmenting your customers is an efficient way to apply best-practice strategies when it comes to recovering debts. Not only does it enable you to more accurately target profitable customers, but it helps you to have effective communication and take appropriate action.

Have more informed interactions

We can help you to implement streamlined, automated strategies which will allow you to manage your debt collection activities. This helps to improve interaction with your customers, but also enables you to focus your skilled resources elsewhere for maximum ROI.

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